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Photo of Barton Beckley

Barton Beckley

Agent / Home Specialist / Spanish Speaker

Photo of Yvonne Felix

Yvonne Felix

Asst. Director / Spanish Speaker

Photo of Iram Garcia

Iram Garcia

Agent / Spanish Speaker

Photo of Pablo Perea

Pablo Perea

Agent / Spanish Speaker

Photo of Rebekka Schweiss

Rebekka Schweiss

Policy Services

Photo of Angie Munoz

Angie Munoz

Photo of Michelle Arnold

Michelle Arnold

Document Control

Photo of Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez

Policy Services

Photo of Cathy Crandell

Cathy Crandell

Photo of Elaine Alday De Durazo

Elaine Alday De Durazo

Asst. Director - Home Operations

Photo of Francisco Moraga

Francisco Moraga

Director / Spanish Speaker

Photo of Marissa Zamora

Marissa Zamora

Photo of Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez

Agent / Spanish Speaker

Photo of Justin Booth

Justin Booth


Photo of Amalia Jaimes

Amalia Jaimes

Photo of Ilianna Silva

Ilianna Silva

Policy Services

Photo of Cynthia Pereira

Cynthia Pereira

Photo of Juliette Burke

Juliette Burke

Vice President - Licensing & Compliance

Photo of ShaunMonet Kunkel

ShaunMonet Kunkel

Vice President - Finance

Photo of Felicia Garcia

Felicia Garcia

Executive Vice President

Photo of R. Jeffery Arnold

R. Jeffery Arnold

Thinker, President